Spring Session Playoffs
CONGRATULATIONS on another GREAT session! This is the last week of regular league matches for this session and your Division Playoffs start this next Sunday. There is important information regarding your playoffs on the back of your team packets. You can also find out more about our playoff structure in your Local Bylaws. A PDF of these Bylaws can easily be found under "RULES/BYLAWS" at the top of our website home page. 
As this week's team packets come in and scores are inputted, we will be updating and posting the playoff matches in your division schedule. Below is a list of the days we have league play. When you see your Division # listed next to your day/night of play, that means your division playoff schedule has been updated. You can check your schedule in your "Member Services & Stats" page or under "Schedules" on our website.
If your Div # is listed, your playoff schedule is posted.
SUNDAY -  All Division Playoffs are posted.

MONDAY -  All Division Playoffs are posted.

TUESDAY -  All Division Playoffs are posted.




All Captains and Co-Captains are responsible for making sure their team members know if they made playoffs and when and where you play. We will only call the WILDCARD teams, teams that lost their LTC eligibility, and traveling Double Jeopardy teams with playoff location conflicts. We will attempt to send emails to all Playoff participants, if we have a good email address for you. You may not receive this email if your service rejects it or you may get more than one email if you are on multiple Playoff Teams.

To All Our Playoff Teams!



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April 2014
Events for the Next Month
Date Description
04/30/14 - 05/02/14 APA 8-Ball Doubles
05/01/14 - 05/03/14 APA 9-Ball Doubles
05/01/14 - 05/04/14 APA National Singles Championships
05/01/14 - 05/03/14 APA National Singles Championships - MiniMania
05/03/14 - 05/04/14 APA Wheelchair Challenge
05/04/14 - 05/09/14 SUMMER SESSION STARTS
05/10/14 Jack & Jill 8-Ball Scotch Doubles - VQ
05/17/14 2014 Spring 8-Ball City-Cups
05/17/14 - 05/18/14 2014 Spring 9-Ball City-Cups