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Most of you probably know by now that Bumpers Billiards has installed new carpet and has replaced their old tables and lights with 16 DIAMOND PRO AM bar boxes and Diamond lights. Due to the new tables and the high costs associated with them, Bumpers is now charging green fees to all APA teams who play there.

The green fee is ONLY $10.00 per League Match which is just an extra $1.00 per person who plays just like it used to be. This extra $1.00 per player will also apply to our Ladies 8-Ball Teams who play their tomorrow so it will only be a total of $6.00 for both week's Ladies' matches.

Bumpers will also be selling $6.00 wristbands each day which allows their customers to play ALL night for one low price. Drop by there and check out their new tables. They are awesome but BEWARE. These tables are fast and the pockets are tight!


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Birmingham APA is very proud to have the most recognized player in the world of billiards, Jeanette Lee aka the Black Widow, as a spokesperson for the American Poolplayers Association, the largest amateur Pool League in the WORLD!


Florian Kohler (aka Venom) is the newest member to our APA Family. He joins well known names such as Jeanette "The Black Widow" LeeTom "Dr. Cue" Rossman, and Mike Massey. He brings a fresh young perspective to the world of artistic pool with some “never before seen” shots that you must see to believe! Florian quickly rose to billiard stardom with a number of viral video hits on the internet. Some of his videos have been viewed nearly 10 million times by people from all areas of the globe. Originally from France, and fluent in 3 languages including English, Kohler is now living stateside in Las Vegas. Check out this newest video that we (APA) helped put together.


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