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Birmingham APA offers more formats than just our standard 8-Ball and 9-Ball team divisions. Our special bonus divisions provide our players an opportunity to earn a spot to compete in one or more of our APA Showdown Series Championship Events which are held in Las Vegas every year. The Showdown Series formats for each of these divisions are 8-Ball Doubles, 9-Ball Doubles, Ladies 8-Ball, and Masters.

Our Showdown Vegas Playoffs for each of these formats will usually be held each February for the previous Showdown Division pool year (Jan-Dec). The top teams from each division in each session, along with Wildcard teams, will get qualified for these Vegas Playoffs. Here is our Showdown Division Vegas Playoff Chart:

Showdown Division Vegas Playoff Chart

 Teams Qualified For Vegas Playoffs
 4 to 7 Teams:  Division Champion & Wildcard
 8 to 10 Teams:  Division Champion, Runner-Up, & Wildcard
11 to 12 Teams:  Division Champion, Runner-Up, & 2 Wildcards

Below are links to our current Showdown Rules & Guidelines and to our Showdown Registration Form. Please check out the rules then print out a Showdown Registration Form for each of the Showdown Divisions that you would like to participate in.

On the back of the form, you will find the available Showdown Divisions and where they are played out of. Once you have completed the form, just scan or take a picture of it, then email it back to






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