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Over $148,000.00 in Cash & Prizes!

Is your team as good as other teams from around the world?
Teams play each session, not only for the competition and fun, but with the goal of qualifying for our APA World Qualifiers (WQs) which are also known as our City Championships. Qualified teams from throughout the Birmingham APA area compete with each other in these two High Level Tournaments (HLTs) to win a coveted slot in the APA World Pool Championships (WPCs) held each year in August in Las Vegas at the Westgate Resort & Casino. The APA WPCs have become a world wide event where teams from all over the United States, including Canada and Hawaii, and Japan come to compete against each other to see who's the best.
Our 8-Ball and 9-Ball APA World Qualifiers are held during the first two weekends in JUNE every year. Currently, Birmingham APA sends FIVE teams in each format, 8-Ball and 9-Ball, to represent our area in our annual APA World Pool Championships. As we grow, we will earn more slots to send even more teams. To learn how teams qualify and the eligibility requirements for our APA World Qualifiers, check out our our local Bylaws which can be found by clicking on the "RULES/BYLAWS" link in the top menu of this page.
Below are important links regarding our next APA WQs. The following links will be updated at the end of each session to reflect which teams have earned or lost their eligibility. VERY IMPORTANT... Please check these lists to see if there are any errors. If you feel that your team should be listed, or not listed, on either of these lists, please contact your league office immediately.


APA World Qualifier

Info Sheets

Important information about our upcoming APA World Qualifiers.
Click on below links for PDF lists.

8-Ball WQ Info Sheet           9-Ball WQ Info Sheet



APA World Qualifier

Qualified Team Lists

These teams are qualified for our next APA World Qualifiers.
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8-Ball WQ Teams         9-Ball WQ Teams



APA World Qualifier

Team Eligibility Rosters

Players shown in italics and marked with an "I" are ineligible to participate.
Click on below links for PDF lists.

   8-Ball WQ Team Rosters          9-Ball WQ Team Rosters



APA World Qualifier

Bracket Match Schedules

The below links show the important times associated with our APA WQs.
Click on below links for PDFs of our schedules.

8-Ball WQ Schedule         9-Ball WQ Schedule



APA World Qualifier

Rules & Guidelines

Click on below links for PDFs of our rules and guidelines.


If clicking on one of the above links doesn't open a PDF file,
then that info is unavailable or it is in the process of being updated.